From the Collection: Asdrubal and Omar Vizquel


Asdrubal Cabrera – I know that Cabrera was an All-Star in 2011 and 2012, and that most teams would be really happy to have a guy like Asdrubal manning shortstop.

But I still can’t wait to get rid of the dude.

First off, he is just effing terrible this season. He is hitting .234 with a .672 OPS. He is not hitting for power–10 HR–and is hitting .187 with a .499 OPS when guys are in scoring position. Even better? Hits way worse at home (.605 OPS) then away (.743).

Second, he is a tough autograph to get. He is easily the toughest dude on the team to get in-person, and has zero decent certified autographs.

And its not like I can wait until he does a private signing: the one that he did (that I sent items to) was terrible–he was not very friendly, and didn’t even sign all the items. The guy who put it on said he would never work with him again.

I would really rather trade him away this offseason, and just plop Mike Aviles in there until Lindor is ready to go.

Also, this picture.


Omar Vizquel – That is what I want.  Unretire Omar and his bongo drums, and throw him  out there.

I was able to get both of these autographs for $20.  Considering both are certified, I was pretty happy with the deal.


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