1997 Topps Cleveland Indians Base Set


16 Paul Shuey
69 Albert Belle
88 Charles Nagy
105 Jim Thome
110 Orel Hershiser
141 Herb Perry
153 Jose Mesa
173 Omar Vizquel
181 Denny Martinez
234 Julian Tavarez
241 Julio Franco
245 Sandy Alomar Jr.
286 Danny Graves
297 Jose Vizcaino
307 Jack McDowell
318 Manny Ramirez
346 Jeff Kent
350 Kenny Lofton
367 Chad Ogea
386 Bartolo Colon
391 Mark Carreon
421 Kevin Seitzer

What I am Missing:  478 Jake Westbrook RC / Danny Peoples DP

I am not really sure how great this set it, since I remember it more for being the first real issue that I bought wax of and opened as a collector, and not just some bored kid.

There are some fun cards in here, especially the inclusion of Jeff Kent and Danny Graves.

1997 Topps was a 495 card set, issued in two series.  There was no update sets in 1997.  Packs, at 11 cards per, went for $1.29 each hobby, a 8 cards at $0.99 retail.  This was the second year of the insanely popular Mickey Mantle reprints, and they also began the Willie Mays reprints in 1997.

There are not many valuable cards from the base set.  Eric Chavez looks like the big rookie.  Insert wise, it is all about the Mantle and Mays reprint refractors.  Of the non-reprints, the “Inter-League Finest Refractors” were tough to pull at 1:180, but they don’t seem to go for much.  Both Mays and Jeter had tough to pull autographs in the set, and both are pricey (and rare).


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