From the Collection: Brian Dopirak


Drafted in the 2nd Round, 56th Overall in the 2002 Draft.

He was rated as one of the Cubs Top 30 prospects from 2002 to 2006, going as high as #1 overall in 2004. The was last on the prospect radar in 2009, when he was the Twins #23 prospect.

He as always been a great power hitter. In 2004 he was the Midwest League MVP after hitting 39 HR, and was rated the Cubs #1 prospect. That was easily his best season. Since then he put up good, though not great, minor league numbers. His biggest issue is that he had almost no defensive value, and his game was all power–at the expense of the rest of his game.

He never really bottomed out in the minors, but the organizations he played for recognized that he would not really be able to produce in the majors, so was never called up. His minor league numbers were, overall, still pretty great. Its a shame that he never got a call up.

He last played in 2011.


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