New Arrival: Pedro Alvarez, 3B, Pirates


I saw the Pirates play in Cleveland a couple seasons back, and did some graphing at the hotel.  The Pirates were pretty good signers, and I was able to get a bunch of guys.  Alvarez was high on my list, so it was nice when he finally–after almost 8 hours of getting autographs–finally came out.

What was not fun was that he declined to sign my sweet spot card.  I feel out of line, grabbed my scorecard, and tried that.  Nope.  Would not sign it.  Finally, I grabbed the one ball that I had, and he was happy to sidepanel it.  I was happy to get the autograph, but a little bummed that he would not sign either of my main items.  Plus that ball was like $20 at the team shop…I would have liked to have saved it for a bigger name–and someone who would sweet spot it.

So I went to the game, and Alvarez would go on to hit 2 HR, and the Pirates would beat the Indians 9-5.

Since then he has become one of the better slugging third basemen in the league.  Last season he led the league with 36 HR…but also led the league in K’s with 186.  He has a really low OBP (.296) and that drags down him OPS to .770.  Still, even with the holes in his game he was a 2013 All-Star and a Silver Slugger.

I always keep my eyes open for any decent Alvarez autographs…but it is not always easy.  When he was a rookie he signed an exclusive deal with Razor, so there was never any Topps or Bowman rookie autographs. His one Razor on card autograph is OK, but for some reason many look faded…so that it not going to work. He does not have any Ginters that take an autograph well either…at least not yet.

When I was online and saw these pop up, I jumped on them.  I know that he signed Sweet Spot cards his first two seasons in the Majors, so I figured there might be a couple out there.  Guy was selling these, had two, and bought them both.  I am pretty happy.

2009 22 PIT-min A+,AA 465 27 95 71 129 .288 .378 .914
2010 23 PIT-min AAA 242 13 53 32 68 .277 .363 .896
2010 23 PIT NL 347 16 64 37 119 .256 .326 .788 112
2011 24 PIT-min AAA,A+,Rk 142 6 21 25 47 .246 .365 .787
2011 24 PIT NL 235 4 19 24 80 .191 .272 .561 58
2012 25 PIT NL 525 30 85 57 180 .244 .317 .784 115
2013 26 PIT NL 558 36 100 48 186 .233 .296 .770 116
4 Yrs 1665 86 268 166 565 .235 .306 .749 106
162 Game Avg. 574 30 92 57 195 .235 .306 .749 106
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Generated 12/24/2013.

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