From the Collection: Andrew McCutchen, of, Pittsburgh Pirates


Card: Andrew McCutchen 2005 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness

This is one of the few autographs that I ever pulled from a real pack of cards.  If you are only going to pull a couple, this is a good one to get.

It’s silly, but I have a pretty fond memory of pulling this card.

I pulled in November, 2006.  I was on shift at work, and I recently become a team chief.  I have never been good at managing stress, and coupled with my borderline anxiety disorder I had a lot of rough days…especially on the ride home from work.  I would spend the whole drive just worry about what I messed up, or what I could get in trouble for…not always a fun ride home.  Even worse if I was on nights, since then I was also trying to not fall asleep at the wheel.

So one day I am driving home, feeling terrible.  I was like 5:30am, and I am a mess.  Sleepy.  Stressed out.  I just wanted to get home…but sleep was just going to be those anxiety filled dreams about you being a baby and the couch smothering and eating you alive.

So I decided to make a stop off at the local Walmart, who just had a fancy little McDonalds installed.  I walked into the empty store, bought three packs of Bowman cards, and a sausage McMuffin meal (with two hashbrowns!).

So I get home.  House is empty.  Sun is just coming up, so its was still cool and comfortable.  I sat down at the table, and slowly opened the packs of cards while I ate.  First pack, I get this card.

It felt good.  For a minute I was like, “Hey, I don’t feel like doom!”, and I enjoyed the feeling of getting lucky.

The other packs were nothing special, and I took the card (and the tall Makers Mark I made myself to wash down the coffee), and went to bed.  It was a nice way to start the weekend.

And McCutchen was the 2013 National League MVP, so that is nice.

2009 22 PIT 433 124 12 54 22 5 54 83 .286 .365 .836 121 RoY-4
2010 23 PIT 570 163 16 56 33 10 70 89 .286 .365 .814 121
2011 24 PIT 572 148 23 89 23 10 89 126 .259 .364 .820 130 AS
2012 25 PIT 593 194 31 96 20 12 70 132 .327 .400 .953 162 AS,MVP-3,GG,SS
2013 26 PIT 583 185 21 84 27 10 78 101 .317 .404 .911 158 AS,MVP-1,SS
5 Yrs 2751 814 103 379 125 47 361 531 .296 .380 .869 139
162 Game Avg. 607 180 23 84 28 10 80 117 .296 .380 .869 139
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Generated 12/28/2013.

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