Why this little blog it totally worth it, or New Arrival: Kit Pellow, if, 2002-2004





So I did a post about Kit Pellow a few months back, and I was lucky enough that Mr. Pellow noticed it, dropped me a note…and I was able to get these cards done. He also signed a bunch of his Topps cards, which was really cool.

Totally made my day. Seriously. Might be one of the coolest returns that I every got.

I talked about this success on a autograph collecting site that I am on, and posted some of these pictures. Seems like a lot of people remember Kit Pellow like i do. Here are some of the better comments left:

“Saw Kit in the MWL All-Star game in Lansing a several years ago (can’t remember the exact year, maybe 1996?) and he participated in the home run derby. He hit the longest ball I’ve ever seen in the Lansing ball park to straight away CF and over the batters’ eye.”


“Pellow could always mash.”


“One of my best all time encounters as he comes in from BP:

Me; Kit–Can you please sign some autographs?

Kit: I can’t right now. I really need to take a dump. I’ll be back in a bit”

10 minutes later he popped out of the dugout, walked straight to me and said “All better! What you got?”

Thanks for bringing back that memory!!”


So there you go.  Very cool stuff.  Thanks again, Kit!


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