New Arrival: Scott Heineman, 3b/of, Oregon


Oregon has a great team coming into 2014, but the strength is in the pitching more than the hitting.  But that is not to say they dont have offence, and Heineman is the foundation of that part of the teams game.

Heineman is both a third baseman and a center fielder, and this year here is playing more of a the former. It looks like he would make a better outfielder than infielder, but he is athletic enough to handle either position.  He has plus speed and an excellent defender.  His hitting skills are good.  Baseball America noted that he has a knack at making contact, though he does lack HR power.

In the off season he was rated the Cape Cod leagues #19 prospect, and is one of the Top 5 prospects in the PAC-12.

I talked to a guy who has watch Heineman that last couple seasons, and he commented that he looks like he bulked up a lot this season.  Not sure if that is true, but it would be great to see him hit with a little more power and help his draft stock.


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