New Arrival: Joey Votto, 1b, Reds


This spring training I had just a few card that I really wanted to get signed.

1. Get a Votto Ginter boxtop
2. Yan Gomes printing plate
3. Asdrubal Cabrera printing plate
4. Michael Bourn printing plate
5. Ryan Ludwick printing plate

I had other cards that I sent, but those were the main ones. Even getting them was not easy–printing plates are generally 1/1, so they are not cheap. And man, the Yan Gomes one cost me over $40. Still, I am pretty motivated to get them all done and was dropping a pretty penny for the help.

So anyway. I had a guy that I thought would be money to get the Indians done in Arizona. Ends up the package just barely got to him, and arrived in a dreaded USPS body bag. The Votto card was bent, but the rest survived unscathed but smelling of mango. This was a real kick in the face.  I have had the last several consignments and signings go belly up on me–either feel through, smeared signatures, you name it.  That, coupled with the lack of mail…not a fun time collecting.  But he got the Votto done, which was nice.

I have been worried that the bent Votto card was ruined, and I was anxious to see the condition it was in.  Dude that got it for me did not really know how bad the bend was, so I was stuck in a wait and see mode. But, when I pulled it out of the package tonight, it looked just fine. A little bent, but nothing more than you would expect. The key was no creases, so I am pretty relieved.


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