New Arrival: Aaron Brown, lhp/of, Pepperdine


Aaron Brown and Corey Miller are two of the nicest guys that I have ever met while getting autographs in Hawaii.

I was really excited to get both guys, especially Brown.  He was actually drafted in 2013 in the 30th Round by the Indians, though the Indians never really had a chance to sign him since he was very committed to going to Pepperdine.  He was a Top 100 talent, and as a lefty with four better then average pitches you cannot blame the Tribe for giving it a chance.  He is rated one of the Top 5 Draft prospects from the West Coast Conference this season.

So far this year he is hitting .359 with a .395 OBP, 1 HR and 11K to 1BB.  As a pitcher he is 1-0 in 2 games, allowing 12 hits and striking out 14 in 12 IP.  He has only walked three guys, and batters are hitting .273 off him.

Anyway, super nice guy.  We talked for a couple minutes, and he even asked my name and we shook hands.  He really looks like a ballplayer too.  I also don’t worry about all his strikeouts–he seems to have some really power, and I saw him hit some really loud outs.

I am hoping that the Indians are still keeping an eye on him this season, and take another shot at drafting him.


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