New Arrival: Dave Stewart and Shin Soo Choo

photo 2


Shin-Soo Choo signed with the Rangers this off season.  Still bummed that the Indians traded him, but it is nice to see him still hitting so well.  He is not really an easy autograph to get, so when I saw this for a whole dollar  I figured what the heck.  Its in black, which is not great, but otherwise very nice.  I am guessing that he signed this while he was with Seattle, but I am not really sure.

photo 1


And here it is, the shinest card that I will ever own.

From the 2014 Topps Tribute, this David Stewart autograph is one of the prettier cards that I ever bought…and it was $5.  Stewart played from 1978 to 1995.  He was on three World Series winning teams:  the 1981 Dodgers, 1989 A’s and the 1993 Blue Jays.  He won at least 20 games four times and was an All-Star in 1989.  Not sure how he did not get more selections.  He was the Series MVP in 1989, and he was the ALCS MVP in 1990 and 1993.  Pitched a no-hitter in 1990.  He retired with a 168-129 record, 3.95 ERA, 2629 innings with 1741 K to 1034 walks and 1.344 WHIP.  Again, not bad for $5.


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