New Arrival: Marc Flores, if, Hawaii


This season Flores is one of Hawaii’s best hitters: .277 AVG, 1 HR, .384 OBP.

Last season he was eligible for the draft and did not get picked up, which was a real bummer. He had a good season, hitting hitting .280/.357/.409 with 2 HR, so I am not really sure why he did not get picked up in a late round. He played in the Northwoods League in the off season, and was rated the leagues #23 prospect. He was selected the Northwoods co-MVP, setting the leagues record in doubles and whacking 13 HR (third in the league).

23. Marc Flores, 1b/of, Willmar (Sr., Hawaii)

As a junior, Flores had a solid campaign for the Rainbows, hitting .280/.357/.409 and leading the team in doubles (15) and home runs (two), but was bypassed in the draft. Flores changed his hitting stance at the outset of the summer and slugged his way to NWL co-MVP honors. The lefthanded hitter finished fourth in batting average (.352/.414/.593), third in isolated power (.241) and home runs (13) and set an NWL record with 26 doubles. Flores can put on a show in batting practice with his 70 raw power on the 20-80 scouting scale, and the ball makes a different sound off his bat. Despite his numbers, scouts have doubts about his pure hit tool, saying his swing can break down in games and that Flores has a hitch in his swing that will impair him against velocity. He can be beaten with good fastballs on the inner third, as Flores likes to extend his hands, and he will expand his strike zone. Scouts would like to see a more disciplined approach as opposed to his current free-swinging, pull-oriented approach. But his power was one of the best tools in the league and scouts were surprised he wasn’t drafted. With a large frame, broad shoulders and physical build, the 6-foot-5, 230-pound Flores has present strength and looks the part in a uniform. A below-average runner with some stiffness to his movements, Flores is likely limited to first base.

From:  “Baseball America”

I know that he was bothered that he was not drafted, and feels like he has something to prove this season. He started off slow, but the last couple weeks have went very well for him. I am thinking that he will not be disappointed this June.


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