New Arrival: Brian Mundell, DH, Cal Poly Baseball


I went to two Cal Poly games this weekend.  Its not everyday that we have a team as good as them swing through town–they are ranked #4 in the nation.

I made a special trip to Sundays game pretty much to get one guy, Brian Mundell.  I missed him on Friday (someone stole all my stuff, so pregame was me talking to an friendly usher), and I had a feeling that I would regret not getting his autograph later on in the year.  I almost did not go–the weather was terrible–but it cleared up nice and I was able to get Mundell (and a couple other guys) and enjoy a great game.

One a side note:  I love getting autographs, but man, I hate bugging guys for them.  But of all the teams to roll through Hawaii this season, Cal Poly was one of the nicest.  Mundell was one the coolest guys I have met this season–even shook my hand–so it always makes me feel less dorky doing this when guys are as classy as him.

I normally never ask a player for two autographs,  but I am thinking that he might turn into a big deal over the next season or two, so I jumped at the chance.  “Baseball America” rated Mundell one of the Top 5 prospects for the 2015 draft, so that is how I originally noticed him.  And he is having a great season so far:  .320/.424/.500 and is tied for the team league with 4 HR.  He had Tommy John Surgery in the off-season, so right now he in only a DH…but he is making the most of it.

Cal Poly has a great catcher in Chris Hoo, so I would imagine it will be tough for Mundell to bump him.  But if his catching skills are half as good as is hitting he will be a very exciting player in 2015, and I am sure plenty of major league team will be looking forward to drafting him.


2 thoughts on “New Arrival: Brian Mundell, DH, Cal Poly Baseball

  1. Hey- Glad to hear the Poly players were some of the nicest you have had visit. I go to most every Cal Poly game here in San Luis Obispo, and they seem like cool guys. It is really great to have Hawaii in the Big West now. Hawaii is having a bit of tough luck so far, but your RPI ranking is still pretty good. The Big West just makes teams elevate their game, and Hawaii will soon be near the top- your facilities and location are amazing. The move will ultimately be the best thing for Hawaii baseball.

    Again, glad to hear about Mundell being a nice guy, thanks for the blog post.

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