New Arrival: Josh Staumont, sp, Azusa Pacific University Baseball


Living on Oahu I don’t have many opportunities to see really good baseball prospects, so this weekend was pretty exciting.  The #4 team in the nation, Cal Poly, was playing the University of Hawaii.  Cal Poly has a very deep and talented roster, spearheaded by their ace Matt Imhof, closer Reed Reilly and a powerful (and productive) line-up.

But there was some Division II baseball as well, with Hawaii Pacific University playing Azusa Pacific.  Azusa has a very good team this season, and while the hitting is more than holding its own, its the teams starters that are really exciting.  The rotation of Joel Belk (4-1, 1.91 ERA), Zach Hedges (4-2, 2.92 ERA), Josh Staumont (6-3, 3.25 ERA) and Adam McCreery (4-2, 3.44 ERA) is one of the most talented in Division II ball.

I was reading Baseball America a couple weeks ago when they specifically mentioned Staumont as one of the “most exciting Division II prospects in years”.  Baseball America selected him as the pre-season pitcher of the year, and the Divisions #1 prospect for the 2015 draft.  This is all very high praise.

I was bummed that I was not able to go to the game that he pitched–the weather was terrible.  But I talked to a friend that saw him pitch, and a scout a couple of days ago as well,  and both said great things about him.  I thought the neatest comment was that his pitches just sounded different then everyone else from the series.

Anyway, I was able to get his autograph at the game.  I was worried I would miss out (this was the last game of the series), but I was able to get him autograph and even talk for a couple minutes.  As with most of the guys on the team, I was surprised how nice he was.   I feel bad that I did not ask him some better questions.


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