New Arrival: Casey Bloomquist, sp, Cal Poly Baseball


Casey Bloomquist is the Cal Poly #2 starter. He is 9-0 on the season, with a 1.36 ERA, 53 hits and 53 K allowed in 66 innings. He has issued 13 walks.

I was able to see him pitch on the last game of the series here in Hawaii. Before the game I was talking to a guy in the stands–real friendly dude who was helping point out some of the Cal Poly guys–and I was talking about how I was kind of looking more forward to seeing Bloomquist (who was 6-0 at the time) pitch more than Imhof. Imhof is great, but I had seen a bunch of video…Bloomquist I had never seen. Ends up the guy was his dad.

Bloomquist did not pitch a great game that day, but I think that it was more himself than the Hawaii hitters. I heard him joke that he kept getting himself in trouble. It was obviously a hiccup: this weekend he pitched his first complete game shutout–a three hitter–to go 9-0 on the season.  You can read more here:


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