New Arrival: Danny Diekroeger, inf, Stanford Baseball


Danny Diekroeger, a senior, is Stanfords starting first baseman this season.

He is having a pretty great year so far: .284/.393/.371 with 1 HR and 12 RBI. My favorite stat is that he has almost as many walks (17) and K (19). I saw that “Baseball America” rated him on one of the Top 35 senior in the country, so that is saying a lot about his talent. One thing I noticed is that he is listed as a middle infielder, but is manning first this season. I am not sure how much that plays into how teams are going to draft him; he is hitting really well this season and I assume the change was made to fill a whole on the team than because of any defensive concerns that the coaching staff has.

A couple things that I learned while reading about him today: one of his coached at Stanford in Ryan Garko, who I am a big fan of. Garko had a pretty amazing college career, and had a really nice run in Cleveland as well. I am happy to see that he is still in baseball. Also, Dannys brother is Kenny Diekroeger, the 2nd Round pick of the Royals in 2009.  I thought the name sounded familiar!

It is rare for me to get a college players autograph through the mail anymore (I have no idea why colleges are so silly about letting players sign through the mail…I get the whole autograph for money thing…but you would think through the mail would be the safest way to make sure players are not breaking the rules!), so I was really exited to get this back. I only wrote to, maybe, five dudes this year, and he was on the shortlist of the ones I was hoping would come back.


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