From the Collection: 2001 Upper Deck Vintage Timeless Teams Reggie Jackson


This insert set is all about the game used item, and is not an autograph set. I bought this card in 2002, and even after I stopped collecting cards I held onto it. There were a couple guys in this insert set who I also had, to include Joe Rudi and Gene Tenace. I sent the Rudi and Tenace through the mail to get signed, and that was when I learned a very important lesson about baseball cards: game used cards generally don’t survive a trip through the US Postal System in a plain white envelope. Something about the thickness of the cards and the USPS sorting machine.

So I was able to save the Jackson, and eventually a private signing rolled around and I jumped on it.

The card is just as clean and bold as it was when I got it, but something about that blue ink and yellow background make it always look like the Blue is starting to fade. Its not.

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