From the Field: Tommy Milone, sp, Oakland Athletics


Tommy Milone on scorecard – Acquired in Cleveland, 2014

This week the A’s sent Tommy Milone to AAA.  This would not be weird, except for the fact that Milone has been a pretty great pitcher…

It’s a bummer, but understandable.  The A’s just made a big trade:   Starters Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel were sent to A’s from the Cubs, with top prospect shortstop Addison Russell, 2013 First Round pick outfielder Billy McKinney and 25-year-old right-handed starter Dan Straily, PLUS a player to be named later going the other way.  With two new frontline pitchers, the A’s had to shuffle the roster around to make everyone fit.  And this is not a permanent thing:  chances are Milone will only be back in July, once the pen is settled and some moves can be made to bring him back.  This is a numbers move, not a performance one.

The A’s rotation is easily one of the best in the game.  And this is with AJ Griffen and Jarrod Parker out for the season.  Now with Hammel and Samardzija I don’t think there is a rotation in the game that can beat these guys over a four game series.

1 SP Sonny Gray 24 8 3 3.08 17 111.0 94 40 95 122 1.207
2 SP Scott Kazmir* 30 10 3 2.53 18 110.1 85 26 99 149 1.006
3 SP Jesse Chavez 30 6 5 3.23 17 103.0 99 32 92 116 1.272
4 SP Tommy Milone* (40-man) 27 6 3 3.55 16 96.1 91 26 61 106 1.215
5 SP Dan Straily 25 1 2 4.93 7 38.1 33 15 34 77 1.252
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Generated 7/6/2014.

Also, for what it is worth, I am not a huge fan of this trade.  The A’s got some good pitchers, but gave up some top notch young players.  Neither Jeff Samardzija or Jason Hammel are under control long term–Hammel is a Free Agent next season, and Samardzija after 2015…so this is a big “win now” move.  If it works it will be worth it…but if not…they just lost a big part of the teams future.

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