1956 Topps #187 Early Wynn


So I have started trying to put together the 1956 Topps Indians team set. It did not start off well. I had almost the whole set lined up on ebay, with Snipes ready. They were mostly non-graded, mid grade cards, so I thought I would do well.

I was destroyed.

This was the only card that I was able to win. I set the snipe a little higher since it was a nice card with a good grade, and I won it at $15. I didn’t really want to spend that much, and I have to learn that with sniping you really need to put in your personal max, not a high amount and hope it does not go too high.

Still, nice card. And Early Wynn is probably one of my favorite all time Indians pitchers, so this is not a bad way to start out on the set. I had a chance to knock out almost the entire team from a seller, but I though that he was being generous with his grading and I think I can do the whole set at a good mid-grade for less than $100. Al Smith (?) and Bob Feller are the only cards with any real popularity (each weighted a 5 by PSA), so those should be the only ones that sting a little.


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