New Arrival: 1967 Topps Rocky Colavito #580



The 1967 Topps set is probably my all time favorite Topps set. It also is a very popular set with collectors. For the most part its not that tough to put together…until you get to the High Numbers. The Highs, #534 through #609, go for a substantial premium.  Normally I don’t have to stress over high numbers too much since the Indians were not busting with Stars or Semi-Stars, but the ’67 set is a little different.  The Indians have three High:

#580 Rocky Colavito (6 PSA weight)

#563 Joe Adcock MGR (2.50 weight)

#580 Cleveland Indians Team (2.50 weight)

The Colavito card is pricey.  The other two go for ~$20 or so, though I think I have a copy of each in my sites in the $15 range.  But that Colavito stings, especially since I am trying to stay in the realm of a VG-EX range.

I was able to get this card for $36 dollars, which I think is an OK price.  There were 7 bids, with me as the winner.  Its in pretty good condition, especially the back.  This set is very condition sensitive since the mint green backs show chipping and dings so easily, but this one is pretty attractive.

I feel good about this buy.  Its the most money I ever spent on a non-autographed card, and I am thinking that it might be one of the more expensive cards that I will have to acquire to finish my Indians sets.


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