New Arrival: Mike Trout, of, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Trout had an…off year…some would say. Leading the league in K’s is never a great thing, but you can overlook that with his .287 AVG, .377 OBP and a 167 OPS+. Only three players had a higher OPS+: Jose Abreu, Victor Martinez and Andrew McCutchen. And for what it is worth, Ryan Howard (190) and Marlon Byrd (185) all had more K’s. This card was pricey when I got it–I think $120 or so—but I still feel good about getting it.

Cleveland Sweet Spotting


I don’t think Gypsy Queen is all that great of a Topps issue, but the dual autograph-relic insert I think is one of the nicest cards that Topps produces.  This is the second one that I have ever bought, the first being the 2012 Miguel Cabrera.  This was a classic impulse buy.  I kept losing out on this 2013 Panini on-card autograph, this popped up, and I jumped on it.  I am still hoping to get the David Wright and Wil Myers versions at some point.

I guess Trout is having a bit of an off year.  People are talking a lot about his strikeouts, but  I am thinking that pitchers are starting to pick up on some of his weak spots.  Give it a couple weeks, I have no doubt that he will adapt.  He is still a 22 year old carry a 151 OPS+, so even at…

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