New Arrival: Kyle Schwarber, C, Chicago Cubs


This is one of the cooler autographs I have gotten over the past month!

Kyle Schwarber was drafted in the 1st Round of the 2014 draft, 4th overall.  He is also from Ohio…so that is cool.

To illustrate how good a hitter he is you really don’t have to do much more than point at the numbers that he put up in 2014.  He blew through three levels pro ball, putting up stunning numbers at each stop.  In High-A he carried a .390 OPS with 10 HR and (my favorite stat) a ton of walks (24 to 38 K).  His contact abilities and power are real, so I don’t think he was a polished college hitter taking advantage of less experienced pitchers.

The icing on the cake is that he is also primarily a catcher.  His defense is has improved every season, and there is no reason to think he can’t play there in the big leagues.  Also, despite his size and lack of blazing speed, he is athletic and could easily handle an outfield position.  Personally though, I would rather see him a catcher since you so rarely see offensive minded catchers anymore.

The Cubs made a very good pick, and I would not be surprised to see him start 2015 at AA ball…or even AAA if he has a great spring.

I am not going to lie.  I am not a huge Cubs fan (I am from Cleveland…and I already have to dislike the White Sox…), but the Cubs farm system is quickly becoming my favorite.  With Schwarber, Addison Russell, Billy McKinney and Kris Bryant it will be hard for me not not to root for them in the very near future.

2014 21 -0.1 Boise A- CHC 20 4 10 0 1 2 2 .600 .625 1.350 1.975
2014 21 -0.4 Kane County A CHC 83 4 15 1 1 11 17 .361 .448 .602 1.050
2014 21 -1.6 Daytona A+ CHC 159 10 28 4 0 26 38 .302 .393 .560 .952
1 Season 262 18 53 5 2 39 57 .344 .428 .634 1.061
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Generated 10/17/2014.

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