New Arrivals: 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Robin Yount

Cleveland Sweet Spotting

Upper Deck “Baseball Heroes”.  When I was little inserts were not really a big deal in the industry, and most sets did not have any included in there product (or they were so hard to pull it was not worth thinking about).  But what many sets did have were interesting little subsets, pulled at the same rate as normal cards, that my little ADD addled brain thought were special.  Donruss had those “Rated Rookies” and “Diamond Kings”, Topps had the “All Star” and team cards, even Fleer had “Pro Visions”.  Upper Deck had “Baseball Heroes”.  I remember getting bored the fastest with the Upper Deck ones…they were everywhere.

“Baseball Heroes” first came about in first came out in 1990, inserted only into their high number packs.  It was a 10 card set that was all about Reggie Jackson and his career highlights.  There was a historic insert involved:  Jackson signed 2,500…

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