Showing it Off: 2007 Bowman Sterling Dual Autographs

Cleveland Sweet Spotting

Boy, I sure do hate sticker autographs…but there are a few sets that I can stomach.  2007 Bowman Sterling is one, and I am not sure why.  The sticker are terrible…they are too shiny AND have “Topps autograph issue” printed on them.  But yet.  I have to say the overall design of the card is very nice, and the sticker look like they were put on by someone who was not drunk and/or blind.  Obviously this is another set that you can only daydream how awesome they would look on card.

I got both these cards in 2008.  I was a big fan of all these guys, especially Braun and Pence, and was able to get these while they were still kind of cheap.  The Votto/Bruce one cost me less than $20, while the Braun/Pence was just a little more.

There are a bunch of neat dual autographs in the…

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