New Arrival: Alex Pietrangelo, D, St. Louis Blues


Alex Pietrangelo. My first Blues game was on 30 October 2010, in St. Louis. Blues vs. Thrashers. It was also my first NHL game. It was so much fun, and by the end I felt silly that I had not been an NHL fan my entire life…though, being Cleveland and not having any pro hockey teams in town, I think I can get a pass.

At the game they were having a Halloween fundraiser, where you donated $10 and got a puck signed by a mystery player. At the time people where all about David Perron and TJ Oshie, so they were the ones people wanted, and I guess I did too. So I bought a single puck, and went to my seat for the game. I opened the wrapping, and had no idea who I had gotten. I handed the puck to my friend, who went “Oh, man, you got Pietrangelo…that’s a good one!”.

At the time he was a very well thought of rookie with a very short NHL track record, but the dude I was with was sure he was going to be a fine player…and man, he was right.

Since then Pietrangelo has been my favorite Blue, and has gone on to be one of the best young defencemen in the league.

As someone stuck in Hawaii its pretty much impossible for me to get autographs of my favorite Blues, since most do not sign through the mail. I was able to get this from guy who graphs them. I normally don’t do 8×10, but the picture is great and the autograph placement is fantastic. A very cool piece.


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