New Arrival: Josh Gordon, WR, Cleveland Indians


2014 Panini Flawless

The Browns took a huge gamble in the 2012 Supplementary Draft by taking WR Josh Gordon in the 2nd round. He was very talented–the fact that Cleveland forfeited their 2nd round pick the next season illustrates how much the Browns valued him–but has more then his fair share of drug problems in college. He was a high risk, high reward pick.

After a solid 2012 rookie campaign, he was one of the top WR in the league in 2013. 1,646 yards receiving, 9 TD and was selected to his first Pro-Bowl. He was the rarest of things in Cleveland: a real play maker.

But Drugs. He was suspended (initally) for the entire 2014 season, though it looks like he will be back in a couple weeks since his suspension was dropped to 10 games.

The Browns have a very solid receiving corp right now, and with a healthy and productive Gordon they might have a real chance to make some noise late in the season.

This autograph is pretty cool. He has a couple on-card autograph issues, but most are pretty terrible looking. These are on nice white backgrounds, though it does look like some have pretty messy looking signatures.


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