From the Field: David Murphy, Brandon Moss – Cleveland Indians


From my Cleveland trip this spring.

The A’s were a terrible team to autograph, and I came away with little. I was really excited when I was able to catch Moss while he was signing down the first base line for a couple minutes–but when I handed him my score book he flipped it over and signed on the same page as David Murphy. Sucked. Good news is the autographs don’t really cross paths, so if I want to make a cut of it someday or something I should be OK.

So I am just going to assume that Moss is not going to be a great signer in Cleveland, and probably wont be crazy about score cards or sweet spot cards…so I am hoping for some nice Heritage or Ginter cards of him this season. I have a couple Printing Plates to send this spring, but those things are pricey as heck.


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