New Arrival: Vladimir Tarasenko, RW, St. Louis Blues


I have been trying to get some Sweet Spot cards signed by Vladimir Tarasenko for three years. I sent some through the mail, sent stuff on consignemnt…but nothing has worked out. Its a bummer. He is finally getting some certified autographs on the market, but for whatever reason they are ALL stickers, and I am not buying stickers.

Then, while looking around for some St. Louis area promoters, I ran across the good people at St. Louis Sports Collectors, who were having a private signing with him. I bought two tickets, mailed the cards to their store, and got everything back in just over a week. Their customer service was awesome, and the cards turned out great–so smudged or smearing. And not signed in Silver!  For a Blues fan stuck in Hawaii, its great knowing there are people like this out there you can trust to get cards signed.

I am very happy about this addition. Vlad is one of the best players in the league right now, and some are even calling him one of the leagues next superstars. He is a dude the Blues can build around, and hopefully win with. On the season he has scored 22 goals (3rd in the league), 39 points (7th).


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