Baseball Cards! 1992 Bowman Manny Ramirez #676

The 1992 Bowman set is one of the rare 90’s base sets that worth the time to collect.

Unlike the previous issues of Bowman (which was reintroduced in 1989), the 1992 set was a more premium issue, with glossy stock and an overall improvement in the design–notably the photography.  The set has a strong checklist as well, highlighted by rookie cards of Manny Ramirez, Trevor Hoffman, Mariano Rivera, Mike Piazza and Carlos Delgado.  Also, personal favorites of mine John Jaha and Matt Stairs also have rookies in the set.

This card is not the Manny Ramirez rookie from the set (#532), but one of the foil inserts.  It was part of a 45 insert set that was seeded one per wax pack, two per jumbo and five per carton.  Some where short printed, but Ramirez was not one of them.  And, since this is an insert, its not technically his rookie.

This card raw will run you a dollar.  Graded you will do better, especially if you have a high grade.  A PSA 10 might move for $25-$30 on a good day.


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