Baseball Cards! 1997 Bowman Jose Cruz Jr. and Travis Lee (Rookie Cards)

1997 Bowman #100 Jose Cruz, Jr.

1997 Bowman #389 Travis Lee

When the 1997 Bowman came out, there two cards were some of the hottest in the hobby. I know that I paid $20 each for these, and thought that there were real investments. Both players were well regarded prospects, with Cruz being talked about as the next Griffey.

These cards were hot, but nowhere near as popular as the Chrome issue–or refractor parallels–that were running for double or triple the price.  Its actually kind of frustrating trying to learn more about this set since every search gets hits on the popular Chrome set, and not so much on the regular issue.

In retrospect the set deserved its popularity, but not for these two. Rookie cards of R.A. Dickey, Adrian Beltre, Kerry Wood, Roy Halladay, Miguel Tejada and Lance Berkman are the highlights of the set.  Plus they have a nice design and with the black borders finding a PSA 9-10 can be a fun chase (if you are into that kind of stuff).


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