Baseball Cards! 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson (Rookie Card)

resized_IMG_0003 resized_IMG_0006

Rickey Henderson is, without question, the greatest leadoff hitter in baseball history. It fitting then that his rookie card is one of the more sought after Topps cards of the 1980’s. A PSA 9 copy of this card will set you back ~$350. Finding high grade copies of this card is tough since Topps quality control was not always on the ball and many copies are off-center or with poor corners…so if you can find and pop a PSA 10 you are going to be a very popular guy. There have been 1,453 PSA 9 graded, but only 13 PSA 10. There is a reason why an opened pack of 1980 Topps runs you $10 (MSRP at time of release was $0.25), though with 686 cards in the set you chances of pulling a Henderson are not that great.   Obviously my copy is not going to blow anyone away, but I like it.

The popularity of this card is illustrated by the fact that you need to watch out for the occasional counterfeit.


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