Baseball Cards! Thome Collection: 1994 Upper Deck Collectors Choice #624

resized_IMG_0027 resized_IMG_0028 resized_IMG_0031

When I think of Jim Thome baseball cards, this is what I think of. Its not anywhere near his best or most expensive, but its the one that identify the most when I think of collecting his cards back in the day.

There were a couple inserts. The base card and “Silver Signature” are the issues that I have here. The Silver signature cards were inserted one per pack, which makes them a little more rare but not enough to change the value.  The back of the card is the same on both.  Like most 90’s cards this set falls right into the “junk wax” department, and these cards should be at less than a dollar each. Its a shame. I think the design is one of the nicer of the 90’s Upper Deck releases. Its simple, classy, with a faint pinstriped border that accents excellent photography.  A very nice set.


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