Baseball Cards! Tim Raines 1981 Topps #479 (Rookie Card)

resized_IMG_0002 resized_IMG_0005

The 1981 Topps set is pretty forgettable. Fernando Valenzuela (#302) is probably the biggest rookie card, though Harold Baines (#347), Mookie Wilson (#259), Tim Raines (#479), Jeff Reardon (#456), Tony Pena (#551) and Joe Charboneau (#13) are notable. The set is tough on condition, so any high grade cards will set you back a little bit more than normal.

This card is nice enough, though its always funny when a dude as good as Raines shares his rookies card with other, less notable players. Bobby Pate would get a grand total of 45 at bats over two seasons in majors, though he did have some fine minor league seasons; Bobby Ramos would spend 6 seasons in the majors, getting 232 at bats and hitting .190.  He would have a couple nice minor league seasons as well.

Tim Raines, unlike those two, would do pretty OK in the majors.

I always liked Tim Raines, and I am one of his backers when it comes to the Hall of Fame vote. I know that he does not have name appeal, but the man had a 23 excellent seasons in the game, getting selected to seven All-Star teams, winning a Silver Slugger and garnered Top 20 MVP voting seven times. He would retire with a .385 OBP and .810 OPS. He was one of the great leadoff hitters of the generation, being trumped only by Rickey Henderson. He would lead the league in stolen bases four times, and stole 70+ bases for the first six seasons of his career. All told he would steal a career 808 bases, making him 5th All-Time. He is 37th All-Time in walks (1,330) and only stuck out 966 times. The dude has the numbers. But if a guy like Kenny Lofton only gets a one and done vote, I think it will be tough for a guy like Raines to get in anytime soon.


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