New Arrival: Ryan Braun, of, Milwaukee Brewers


A site that I am on has a private signing coming up with Ryan Braun. I was thinking about getting one of my 3×5 Sweet Spot cards done. The prices were not unreasonable at all: Balls / Flats up to 16×20 – $78 / Jerseys – $96
Inscriptions – $24. Pricey sure, but the dude is an active player and former MVP, so its not like he is hurting for cash and could just skip doing signings all together.

But before I pulled the trigger I hopped on Ebay to see if there was a cheaper option. Cheaper, and something that will have a little more long term value. As much as I love the Sweet Spot cards, they are not really the kind of items that you get signed because they have crazy resale value.

I saw this card. 2013 Topps Tribute.  Unlike some of the autographs from this set the autograph looked like it was in good condition. The bidding was at $3. So I jumped in, and but in s snipe @ $20. It cost me $15 shipped.

So now I have a nice, certified Braun autograph and saved myself fifty bucks.


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