From the Field: David Peterson, sp, Oregon Baseball


Everyone goes on about Cole Irvin, and for good reason, but my favorite starter on the Oregon pitching staff is David Peterson.

Peterson had a stellar high school run, culminating in being selected in the 28th Round of the 2014 draft by the Boston Red Sox.  He had actually fractured his right fibula towards the end of the season, and underwent surgery…so it say something that the injury did not stop the Red Sox from selecting him.  Peterson would ultimately follow through on his Oregon commitment and is now the teams #2 starter.

He is back on the mound, and if his first start of the season is any indication he is going to have a very nice year.  On Saturday he went 6 IP, allowing 2 hits with 8 K and 2 BB.  Of all the pitchers I saw this weekend on the Oregon squad, he and Garrett Cleavinger really stood out.  I would imagine that when the time comes, the next major league team to draft him will do it long before the 28th round.


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