Before it was cool…Josh Donaldson, c , Auburn Baseball 2007


In 2007 Josh Donaldson was a junior at Auburn. That season he would hit .349 with a 1.029 OPS, 11 HR and 38 walks to only 27 K’s in 215 at bats. He was a very exciting prospect. Baseball America gushed over his hitting skills, noting that he was:

“…a hitter first, and has relied on plus bat speed and an aggressive approach to pace Auburn in several offensive categories, including double-digit home runs in back to back years. His swing is unorthodox, and a hard front step that triggers his swing should be toned down to improve his timing and balance. He’s susceptible to good breaking balls. But Donaldson can murder good fastballs, and did it with wood last summer”

He would be taken by the Cubs in the supplemental First Round of the 2007 draft, and after a trade to Oakland debut in the big leagues in 2010.  The rest is history, and he is now one of the best third basemen in the game.

I just found this autograph when I was going through a box…and am very happy.  I am still bummed that I spent three days in Cleveland trying to get him to sign my autograph book while the A’s were town and could not even get him to look in my direction…but it’s neat to see that a guy that I was rooting for in 2007 as a college prospect make it like he has.


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