From the Field: Phil Craig-St. Louis, of, Oregon Baseball


When I first got into autograph collecting it was by writing to college baseball players.  I was stationed in Omaha at the time, and with the College World Series right there I was getting really into the D1 Baseball game.  Those first couple seasons were really fun, since most guys replied and some even included a nice note back.  The one reply that I will always remember was from Jeff Francis.  At the time he was going to school at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I remember writing the letter and he that stuck out as a player that I really hope replied, but months passed with nothing back.  I just gave up on it.  It happens.

One day a few months later I get a letter from Jeff Francis; he had lost my letter, found it, and wrote to apologize for the late reply. It was very cool, and a couple days soon after he would get drafted in the first round of 2002 draft by the Rockies.

Since then I have always been partial to Canadian players.  So when I saw a Canadian on the Oregon roster and got reading about him, I was excited.

Phil Craig-St. Louis is from Gatineau, Quebec. He is a junior this season–he spent two seasons playing at Seminole State College–and transferred to Oregon this season. So far he is knocking the heck out of the ball: .389 AVG, .500 OBP and a 4/4 BB to K ratio. He is, along with Matt Eureste, one of the best hitters on the Oregon roster and a big reason why the Ducks should be making some noise this season.

Its a bummer that the Ducks won’t be back to Hawaii until 2017, but by then I am sure many Major League teams will keeping as close an eye on him.  The Ducks are lucky to have him.


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