From the Field: Mat Annunziata, if, Hofstra Baseball

resized_HOFstra 290

Mat Annunziata @ Hawaii Feb 2015

resized_Mat Annunziata

Another Hofstra player who was highly sought after coming out of High School. Annunziata is having a nice start to the season, hitting .267 though 8 games.

I feel bad. When the game started I confused him with Steven Foster…I don’t know how. Then, during the second game he got hit by a pitch and tossed his bat down…and some idiot Hawaiian fan gave him grief about it. It was awkward, though I think the fan was kicked…so that is nice. There is nothing worse than obnoxious baseball fans. Football I get. Baseball…not so much. I like to think the fan was drunk, though I imagine he is an idiot even when sober.


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