From the Field! Dustin Zeisler and Benjamin Gamba, infielders, Holy Names Baseball

I was only able to got to the last couple innings of the Holy Names double header tonight.  I thought the first game was going to get rained out, and I also (and more importantly!) wanted to give my wife a rest from out newborn–so came a little late.  I showed up just in time to watch a very exciting ending of Game One (Holy Names almost tied it), and try to knock out a couple of the guys that I wanted.  The rain cooperated, but I did get denied for an autograph for the first time by a college player, which was kind of a bummer.  He was very, very nice about it though.  The rain picked up just after the second game began.  Hopefully the weather is nicer tomorrow.


Dustin Zeisler

Dustin Zeisler is having a very nice season.  He leads Holy Names in at bats, and is carrying a very nice .352 AVG and .413 OBP.  I felt bad bugging him between games while he was eating…but the rain was bearing down on us and I was afraid that was my once chance.  I am glad that I did, since he is one of the main offensive cogs of the team.


Benjamin Gamba was announced the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA) hitter of the week.  When you look at his numbers there is no doubt why.  Gamba went 12 for 17 while on the Big Island, and on the season he is hitting .475 with a .556 OBP.  My favorite stat is he has more walks (11) than K’s (9).  When I was reading about Holy Names earlier in the week and saw those numbers I just assumed he was a part time player with a few at bats who was on a hot streak…but nope, he has started every game this season and is probably the most dangerous hitter in the Pac West.  Heck, right before I had to leave the game I saw him crank a homer run to left center…it was a legit homerun.  I am not sure if he is on teams radar for the June draft, but with the season he is having he ought to be.


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