From the Field: Garrett Cleavinger, cl, Oregon Baseball


Garrett Cleavinger is a fantastic pitcher for Oregon. So far this season he is carrying a 2.70 ERA over 6.2 innings. He has 5 hits, 8 K and walked 5. Batters are only hitting .238 off him. I never actually saw him pitch in Hawaii. The one game he was in I was actually watching an HPU game. There were a bunch of scouts are the HPU game who were listening to the Hawaii-Oregon game. One of the scouts pulled off his earbuds and said to the other scout “Its over for Hawaii”.

The other scout looked up from his scorecard. “They bring in that closer?”

“Yea…the hotshot one, Cleavinger” he said as he put away his iPhone.

And Cleavinger would close it out that day, walking one and allowing no hits to close out the game for Oregon, who won 3-2. I am thinking that he is the type of player who will, once drafted, spend about 3/4 a season in the minors before he is in the big leagues pitching out of someones bullpen.


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