From the Field: Sheldon Neuse, Infield/closer, Oklahoma Baseball



12 March 2014


12 March 2014


12 Mar 2014

Sheldon Neuse is having a very nice season so far. He is hitting .338 with a .393 OBP and leading the team with 5 HR. He has also pitched 3.1 innings, earning a save while allowing no runs. He is on the Gold Spike Award watch list, and with these numbers its easy to see why.

I am really happy that I was able to get his autograph after the first game of the series.  I went the Eephus League scorebook route–they look great signed plus I can keep score–its a win-win.  It will be fun to see how his career progresses, and hopefully someday he will have a certified Topps autograph that I can pair with this.  With the way he is hitting, I assume that is only a matter of time before he is wearing a pro uniform.


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