New Arrival: Lonnie Chisenhall, 3b. Cleveland Indians


Being an Indians fan there are a bunch of Tribe players that I consider myself a fan of, but few more than Lonnie Chisenhall.

Last year when I went to Cleveland getting his autograph in person was one of the highlights.  I brought with me this picture that I had printed, and had been lugging it around all week, so when he signed for the dozen or so of us waiting after the game I was pretty thrilled.  Also, one thing that surprised me was how friendly he was to every, talking while he was signing.

I only wrote letters to a handful of players this spring, and Lonnie was one of the few that I have gotten back.  This time of year, with baseball so close, getting an autograph in the mail is extra exciting.  I think that its kind of a shame that there is a very aggressive minority of autograph collectors who have really turned so many players off to signing autographs, since there really still something special about getting an autograph of a player that you really like.  I mean, I am 33 years old now, but as a transplanted Clevelander and Tribe fan…man…this made my day.

I have a little bit of history when it comes to trying to Lonnie’s autograph.  Here are all my favorites:


2012 Topps Archive Printing Plate 1 of 1

I bought this and spent almost all of last season mailing it to people to try to get it signed.  Finally, in the last month of the season, a dude came through for me.


Carried this picture around for a week last season, and finally got it done at Progressive.

Got this ball signed in Akron back in 2010.

Signed TTM in 2008-2009.


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