Ian Kahaloa, sp, Campbell High School (Ewa Beach, Hawaii)


Ian Kahaloa went 9-0 this season, allowing one earned run in 61 innings while also striking out 103 and only walking five. He has a very good fastball and slider, and while he can dial it up to 96 MPH he generally works more in the mid 90’s. He also gets good review on his make-up, which is important considering he will likley be going from High School to pro-ball this month. Baseball America rated him 112th in the nations Top 200 draft picks for the June MLB Draft.

I really lucked out getting his autograph. Despite pitching a mile from my house, I always felt a little weird asking a high school player for his autograph (though I am not sure why–guys in Low-A Lake County are often the same age, and I do that..). But a couple weekends ago I was at a Cal State Fullerton-Hawaii game, and he was attending the local High School softball championship next door. My friend noticed him, grabbed me, and we walked over and I got his autograph.  He was really cool about it.  Made my night!

So it looks like he is going to be the highest drafted Hawaiian player this season.  This June draft is going to be exciting, since there are two local kids I am hoping to see drafted, Kahaloa and HPU starting pitcher Rico Garcia.


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