Max Scherzer, rhp, Nationals


2015 Topps Gypsy Queen

I willl always remember Max Scherzer for the one time that I got his autograph in person.  I was in Cleveland, Detroit was in town.  Nobody was signing on the field.  It was depressing.  So I was standing there, the crowd was thinning out since nothing was happening, and I was about to give up and go back to my hotel.  It was hot.  I was bummed.

So I was talking to my this guy next to me and we both are just ready to split.  I turn around to pick up my bag, and there is Max Scherzer signing down the line.  There was like 10 people.  He worked his way down, got to me, signed my card, and went back to the dugout.  He was even friendly about it, which made me feel less silly about asking for his autograph.  Totally made my day.

Anyway.  Since then he moved on to the Nationals and has had a very nice time of it.  This season, on top of some of the best numbers of any starting pitcher in the game, he threw two no-hitters.  You have to think that he is going to be a heavy contender for another Cy Young award as well.


My one in-person Scherzer autograph



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