Ken Griffey Jr., of, Seattle Mariners


1999 SP Signature Edition

The last of the three 1999 SP Signature Edition cards that I bought over the last couple weeks. Getting it was a classic eBay experience.

Saw the card get posted in an auction. I put in a snipe at $50 or so and lost. Couple weeks later I ran across one up for BIN/BO. Dude wanted (wants) $400 for it. I offered $100. He denied. I went as high as $150. Still denied me. Whatever. Then this card popped up in auction. I put in a snipe at $150, and won it for less than that.

Good times.

Fun facts about this set:

  • 1999 SP Signature Edition is a 180-card set, produced by Upper Deck, and released September 23rd, 1999. Each three-card pack contained one autograph.
  • 12 packs per box, three cards per pack (MSRP: $19.99). Hobby only
  • One autograph per pack.
  • Veterans were tougher pulls than rookies/HOF players.

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