Wahoo Cardboard: 2006 Topps Cleveland Indians

So I have another site that I am slowly building called “Wahoo Cardboard”. While I don’t consider myself a card collector, I have been trying to get every Cleveland Topps card from 1952 to present.

Recently I decided that it would be fun to post them all on line, since its interesting to see how both the team and Topps baseball cards and evolved from the 1950’s to today.

It also a relatively cheap endeavor, since the Indians (in case you did not hear) had a bit of a dry spell from 1955 to 1995. For any other team there would be a dozen or so truly expensive rookie or high number cards tucked away in the 1950’s and 1960’s sets. For the Indians? Pretty much the only real rookies of note from the vintage era are the Rocky Colavito (1957 Topps) and Roger Maris (1958 Topps) rookies. The 60’s high number cards are a little more expensive, but since the majority are common or semi-starts, you are really only paying the high number premium. Its not that bad.

I will expand every year out a little to other players, since the Indians of the 60’s and 70’s traded away an All-Star roster worth of players who never made it onto a Topps card in a Cleveland uniform but would go on to have very good careers. And in the flip side, the Indians signed many ex-great players (see: Dave Winfield, Steve Carlton) who did not have a ton of Indians cards, so I will include some cards of theirs are well. When I get these cards, I will update the team page. I like to think that the pages will evolve nicely as the years go by.

The site is still in progress, but I am working on getting my Indians cards scanned and inserted, while I also work on other portions of the site.


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