Concordia University Baseball


Ryan Land.jpg

Ryan Land, signed custom scorecard

Ryan Land is another player with a little D1 baseball under his belt, attending University of Oregon for one semester back in 2013.  He is starting the 2016 season with the Eagles on a high note, hitting .333 with a fantastic .459 OBP. He also has five walks to four K’s, so he really is a prototypical lead off hitter. In the game I saw today, he would got 1-3 with a walk.  Game two in underway right now, and he is 2-5 with a stolen base.

Isaiah Terrazas.jpg

Isaiah Terrazas signed custom scorecard

Isaiah Terrazas is the Eagles ace.  I knew that.  Yet when I talked to him before the game I was reading his bio and had it in my head that he was bouncing between starting and relieving.  I blame it being Friday.

Anyhow, he is having a good 2016, with 2.67 ERA and two wins through four game.  He has allowed 28 hits in 27 innings, walking seven and striking out 14.  He has a tough assignment in the game that I watched today, going up again HPU ace Rico Garcia.

Terrazas would go 6 innings, allowing five runs on 10 hits, striking out four with only one walk.  The HPU has a plucky lineup, and he did more than enough to keep the Eagles in the game…and they almost won it, getting the winning run to the plate in the top of the 9th against HPU star closer Brandon Bonilla.  It was a great game to watch.


Hunter Holland.jpg

Hunter Holland signed custom scorecard

Hunter Holland started at first in the game that I saw today, going 0-3 with a sac fly. On the season he is hitting .250 with a .318 OBP. He looked good in the game that I was at, and in game two is currently 0-2 with two walks, one K and an RBI. He is a freshman, so I am looking forward to see how he develops in the coming seasons.


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