New Mexico Lobos Baseball

I ended up doing really well with the Lobos; its rare that I can get almost every player that I have on my list on the first night of a series, and the majority of them even pre-game.  They were a very friendly, accommodating team with a bunch of players that I am looking forward to following as they hopefully continue their baseball careers into pro ball.

Normally I do a post for every player…but man…having a baby really takes a chunk out of my writing time.

resized_Andrew Pratt.jpg

Andrew Pratt is a freshman catcher.  Being a freshman, and with only two at bats on the season, its tough to gauge him.  That said, New Mexico has a deep roster with lots of talent, so the face that he in on the roster and came to Hawaii says something of his talent. I suspect once he starts getting more regular at-bats I would have regretted not getting his autograph come next season.

resized_Carl Stajduhar.jpg

Carl Stajduhar is one of, if not the, best hitter on the Lobos. As a freshman in 2015 he hit .322 with 9 HR and a .386 OBP, and would be selected  to the All-Mountain West 2nd Team as well as a Freshman All-America by both Collegiate Baseball Newspaper and the NCBWA.
Coming into this season Perfect Game was really high on him, naming him to the pre-season All-Conference Team (3B), as well as a Top Prospect for the 2017 draft.
On the season, he is hitting .286 with 2 HR and an impressive .444 OBP…so he is on pace to dwarf his fantastic 2015 numbers.  He is a great player, and some team is going to be really lucky to draft him in two years.

resized_Carson Schneider.jpg

Carson Schneider is one of the Lobos starters.  Last season he bounced between he pen and rotation, but this season it looks like he will be in the rotation full time. On the season he is 2-0 with a 3.27 ERA through 11 innings.

resized_Chrisitan Tripp.jpg

Christian Tripp is a pen arm.  He has only one apperance on the season, and coupled with being a freshman, its hard to tell what kind of pitcher he will become.  Still, at 6-7 he is big dude that I am sure will put up great numbers once he starts getting some regular appearances.

resized_Dalton Bowers.jpg

Dalton Bowers calling card is defense, and with Jared Holly make up one of the better defensive infields in the conference. Despite being a good glove, he is having a fantastic season with the bat: though 5 games he is hitting .444 with a .583 OBP.  Small sample size sure…but those are great numbers.

resized_Danny Collier.jpg

Danny Collier, outfielder, was rated by Perfect Game as one of the Conferences top draft prospects for the 2016 draft.  Its easy to see why.  In 2015 he hit .346 with a .419 OBP and was selected First Team All-Mountain West. So far this season he only has three at-bats (though two of those at bats resulted in hits…), so he is starting off 2016 very well.

resized_Fernando Fernandez.jpg

Fernando Fernandez was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 27th round of the 2012 MLB Draft. He did not sign, and came to play for New Mexico. He is a freshman, and with only 3 innings of relief under his belt so far this season…its tough to gauge him. Still, he was drafted, and is going to play a prominent role in the Lobos pen…so that should say everything you need to know about how good a pitcher that he is.

resized_Jack Zoellner.jpg

Jack Zoellner, 1b, was named to the Perfect Game Preseason All-Conference Team. Last season he hit .352 with 4 HR and an awesome .447 OBP. He was also selected 2nd All-Mountain West.

This season he is not slowing down:  through 20 at bats he is hitting .450 with 1 HR and a nuts .621 OBP.

resized_Jared Holley.jpg

Jared Holley, like Dalton Bowers, is an top notch defender who is also putting up great offensive numbers. On the season he is hitting .500 with a .727 OBP though six at-bats.

resized_Jared Mang.jpg

Jared Mang is a freshman with the Lobos.  An infielder/catcher, he was rated by Perfect Game as one of the conferences Top Prospects for the 2018 draft. The team has a bunch of very talented freshman fighting for a couple spots on the roster, so the face that Mang was on the traveling roster to Hawaii is a great sign.

resized_Luis Gonzalez.jpg

Luis Gonzalez was near the top of my list when it came to players I was hoping to get.  The Perfect Game write up for him was glowing:

“Two-way phenom Luis Gonzalez, who has conference player of the year caliber talent and athleticism, is an exciting breakout candidate.”

PG also selected him for the Preseason All-Conference Team (OF), and rated him one of the top prospects for the 2017 draft. His numbers speak for themselves: 2015 he hit .299 with a .405 OBP, 4 HR and walked 23 times to only 13 K’s. In 2016, he is hitting .412 with a .545 OBP.


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