From the Field: Azusa Pacific Baseball

Adrian Tovalin.jpg

Adrian Tovalin

Back in 2007 I had the most depressing sporting experience ever. The Cleveland Indians were playing the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS, and were up in the series 3-1.  They needed one game to go to the World Series, where they would play (and likely beat) the Rockies.

Then Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz decided to start hitting.

And that was that.

The Indians would lose games 5, 6 and 7.  They Red Sox would score 30 runs over those three games…the Indians would score 5.  What was depressing was watching Manny and Ortiz.  There was no stopping them.  And if you somehow got past one, the other followed him in the order.  And there was no way neither guys was not going to get on base.  Over the course of the series Manny would hit .409/.563/.727 with 2 HR and 10 RBI, and Ortiz would go .292/.424/.542 with 1 HR.

It was a stupid, never ending hit parade that sunk the Indians hopes of a World Series.

I only mention this since I kind of got the same feeling of inevitable success watch Adrian Tovalin bat against HPU, only with the hopes and dreams of the Indians not ruining it for me, I was able to enjoy Tovalin’s success a little more.

Over the course of a four game series Tovalin went 9 for 13 with 3 HR. I saw one of those HR–the third game of the series, in his first at bat.  And on the season he is hitting .319/.462/.625 with 7 HR. And despite his power numbers, he also has a great BB/K numbers (14 walks, 19 K). He seems like a legit bat that I have to think will be noticed by pro teams in the future.

Luke Huerta.jpg

Luke Huerta

Luke Huerta, inf, is another player having a very nice season.  He is hitting .277 and is second on the team with a .433 OBP. My favorite stat is that he has more walks (10) than K (9), and even has a little pop with 1 HR and 4 XBH.

Royal Bradley.jpg

Royal Bradley, rp, is one of a couple pen arms that I was really interested in getting.  He is having a very nice season: in 7 appearances (13.2 IP) he has a 1.32 ERA, allowed 7 hits and struck out 12.  The reason he interested me so much was that he has yet to allow a walk…which is impressive.  Dillon Miyashiro and Billy Sanford were the other guys that I liked out of the pen.


Jonny Reid is Azusa’s ace.  On the season he is 3-1 with only 41 hits allowed in 46 IP. He has struck out 42 and only walked 13.  He did not have a great start here in Hawaii, though I think that was more an aberration than anything–guys are only hitting .247 off him, and coupled with last seasons stats  (3-0, 2.43 ERA with 38 K in 29.2 IP) I think that he is going to continue to have a fantastic season.

Michael Staudinger.jpg

Michael Staudinger, of, started off the season a little slow, but has been having a great time of it as of late. On the season he is hitting .330/.398/.443 with one HR. I am especially happy to see him having a good season after the great summer he has in the Alaska League, where Perfect Game rated him one of the league Top 20 pro prospects.

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