From The Field: Nolan Arenado, 3b, Rockies


My highlight in Cleveland back in 2014 was getting Nolan’s autograph. He was injured at the time, but was still nice enough to come over to the half dozen of us standing there waiting for him to get done with stretches. He was a breath of fresh air–being the first major league guy I had gotten on my entire vacation who did not seem like he would rather be dead then signing autographs.

This season I did not go to Spring Training, but I did sent Allen & Ginters to a half dozen people hoping one of them would be able to get that card signed. Over the past week almost every one of those cards have made their way back to me, unsigned. I would imagine he is getting bugged a lot more after his 42 HR, All-Star season in 2015.  I was a big fan of him before–I remember noticing him in 2011 when he went .298/.349/.487 with Modesto–so its really great to see him become one of the best players in the league.

Couple weeks ago I saw this card pop up, and immediately loved it. I think that, in general, the 2016 Topps design is a little busy for autographs, but this card card actually works, mostly since he signed in the lighter, lower half of the card. Overall, I think this is just as nice as his A&G would look…so I will take it.

Anyhow, this many the only autograph of him I get this season, unless he has a certified card in a set this season…which I don’t think he does.

2013 22 COL 133 486 10 52 23 72 .267 .301 .405 .706 81 197 RoY-7,GG
2014 23 COL 111 432 18 61 25 58 .287 .328 .500 .828 115 216 GG
2015 ★ 24 COL 157 616 42 130 34 110 .287 .323 .575 .898 124 354 AS,MVP-8,GG,SS
3 Yrs 401 1534 70 243 82 240 .281 .318 .500 .818 108 767
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Generated 3/26/2016.

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