From the Field: Cal Baptist Lancers

Antonio Chavarria.jpg

Antonio Chavarria, if, is the power portion of a very effective Lancers offensive attack. Last season he led the team in batting average (.402), hits, and home runs (10). He is having a good 2016, with a .268 AVG, .348 OBP and team leading 6 HR. He also has pitched 10 innings, striking out 6 and holding hitters to a .167 AVG.

Bryce Macy.jpg

Bryce Macy, c, is having a fantastic season, hitting .364/.391/.386. He does not have any HR on the season, and only two walks…but considering his contact skills and his premium defensive position, those are easily overlooked. I am a big fan of offensive minded catchers, and Macy fits that bill.

Ryan Williams.jpg

Ryan Williams, of, immediately jumped out at men when I was reading about the Lancers team.  He is having a fantastic season, hitting .311/.415/.689, and is second on the team with 5 HR. And despite the power he can still take a walk, with 8 on the season (to 12 K).  He is a sophomore, so there is still time for him to improve his game even more. He is one of those players that I am hoping scouts notice, since he really does look like he should be on their radar.

Stephen Lohr.jpg

Stephen Lohr, c/3b, is the leading hitter on the Lancers. His numbers are across the board awesome: .436 AVG, .504 OBP (!) with 3 HR. His OBP is helped by his excellent plate discipline, as he has more walks (15) than K (13). Its worth noting that these numbers are not all that different from what he did last year, when he hit .335 with 4 HR and a .415 OBP.

While the Lancers offence is pretty awesome, one could argue the pitching is just as good–if not better.  The trio of Dylan Stowell, Jeremy McDonald and Tyson Miller are just amazing this season. Take a look:


With a rotation like this, it’s no surprise this team is 10th in the Country.

I was able to see Miller and McDonald pitch, and both were impressive.

Miller had a rough two innings, but once he settled in HPU never had a chance. He would go 7, allowing 5 hits and 1 ER, walking 2 and striking out 7. Perfect Game rated him the best D2 pitcher in the country, and its easy to see why.

Jeremy McDonald would go 6 innings, allowing 1 hit and striking out 8. There were scouts watching him just as close as Miller, so that is cool.

The one autograph that I don’t have is Patrick Gonzales, who is 5-0 on the season with a 1.82 ERA.  I actually got his autograph, but he put the pen down on the card I got signed and smeared it up.  I did not notice until I got home.

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